Saturday, June 7, 2008

School Break Is getting Over!!!!

I think some of the students are sad because school break is getting over. On the other hand,the excellent students are happy when the school break is getting over. What do you feel? You can ask yourself.

Whatever it is,I feel happy and sad when the school break is getting over. But I do not want to tell why do I feel so. Hehe... For the UPSR,PMR and SPM candidates,they surely feel worried and nervous when thinking of the exam would they sit soon. So for those who will sit for UPSR,PMR and SPM for this year,do prepare yourself as best as you could.

For me,I am going to have an revolution in my life soon. What is it? I is secret. When the school break is over,what would be happened is I will be exteremely busy back and it would make me more tension and depressed.

I think thats all for today. I think I cannot create post for my blog regularly after this beacuse of my busy. I am sorry again for all mistakes in my grammar. Good luck to all of you......!!!


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