Friday, March 5, 2010

The Mystery Of My SPM Result...

The day that I have been waiting for is just around the corner. What is it? It is the day that will be memorable for the rest of my life. The day on which 2009 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia(SPM) result will be announced. When will it be?The recent news on TV said that it will be on March 11, 2010. It will be the last day for me to wear school uniform in my life besides the last day as SMKAA student. Why? After the result is announced, I will be officially ex-student of SMKAA as what Senior Assistant of administration of SMKAA said before. Hehe....

Going back to the topic.  I sat for the exams in November and December last year. There are now questions crossing over my mind about how my result will be? Can I achieve straight A’s? Arghhh...I do not know. I am getting crazy and feel sad thinking. Praise be to Allah, I managed to obtain 8A's 3B for the  trial examination. It is the best result  I achieved ever since I was in form four.  Hopefully, my SPM result will be better than that, God willing.

i still remember the days before the examination, Without anyone’s knowledge, I was having a crisis with myself. What was it? It was all about my fading spirit. I was always absent and my friends kept saying that I studied and made revision as preparation for the coming SPM at home. I denied it and they responded that it was just lying. I then said that it was up to them to trust it or not as it had nothing to do with me. When I was running out of spirit, I kept thinking of it all the time What was the reason? I still could not find the answer. It was probably because of me who liked to advise others but I myself was being neglected just because people thought that I could survive on mu own.  Finally, I sat for the SPM exam exams with the kind of thoughts and was not optimistic of my result.  Praise be to Allah, my spirit now gets back to normal.

I am now terrifically nervous of my result but sooner or later I will still have know it. Actually, I am really pressured by the thought and awarness that people in my life: my family, teachers and friends; put a huge hope on me that I will attain straight A’s. I keep asking myself, “Am I able to make them proud or will I dissapointed?”. This is because I feel that I will not be able to achieve as they hoped for. I will surely feel guilty if I hurt their feelings.

In spite of this, I never forget to pray to Allah so that I will pass the exam with flying colours. I realize that He is The Almighty and each particular matter in this world is within His control. Prayer is extremely fantastic because it can change what is destined by fate to happen. Because of it, I believe that He can change anything that has been destined including my SPM result followed to His desire. Thus, I ought to accept whatever my result will be with an open-mind as I know there is a blessing behind it. He knows what is the best for His servants even thought we do not like it.

What about my plan to further my study after this? Where would I like to go? There is a teacher in SMKAA who suggested me to continue my study in Form Six. What? Form Six? Huh...For me, my school days will end on the day where SPM result is announced and I have never been thinking of continuing to my study in form six. My school days will be memorable for the rest of my life.

Actually, I have been wishing to continue it in the International Islamic University Malaysia(IIUM) or well-known as UIA since I was in primary school because I am interested in learning Arabic language besides Islamic lessons even though I may not take the majoring in religious studies. However, I have to accept it if I am not offered to go there and have to continue my studies in other institutes of higher education in Malaysia.Besides arabic, I am also really interested in Mathematics and, wish to be a lecturer for this subject. Many people say that I want to be like my father but it is actually false. It has nothing to do with him as I truly like Mathematics and teaching.  For me, the most important one is I can further my study, achieve my dream to be lecturer and succeed in my life in this world and the hereafter.

Last but not least, I hope those who read this article will pray for me and my friends too so that we will pass  for this exam with flying colours....thanks a zillion.


shuk said...

woceh! pnjang siot karangan hg.. cayalah!! haha.. =D

Ahmad Kamil said...

Ala..panjang tp grammar pun salah berderet laa..hahaha..