Sunday, March 20, 2011

Semester Break Is Now Over. . . is unbelievable. A month vacation has now ended. InshaAllah tonight I will return to CFS IIUM Petaling Jaya with my buddies with new spirit and inspiration. hehehe... Hopefully, all of you will keep praying for my well-being eaaa.

Opppsssss...before that! What?It is about my final exam results. So many people keep asking me about it and I refuse to let them know.
For your information, it is strictly confidential! ha3... No one would know it except closed persons like my family. Anyway, to not make them be frustrating with my stand, I tell them that I am now exit from English Proficiency Course! All praises be to ALLAH! I am extremely happy with it.

This semester will take place for about 2 months and end in the middle of May. Anyway, I think there will be no huge problem as I am going to merely study Mathematics 2 throughout this semester. So, I can totally focus to this subject 99.99%! In addition, it is my most favourite subject! hahaha..However, Islamic lesson is exceptional.

I think that's all for this opportunity. Quite busy today. so i am not able to write too long to 'membebel'. hak3... Thanks for reading. Barakallahu fina abadan abadan. amin ya rabbal 'alamin =)


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