Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Phone Purchase Record…

Do you want to know my phone purchase record? For your information, I started using hand phone since 17 August 2006 when I was in Form 2. Huhu.. Just wanna to share this. ^____^

2006: Nokia 3315 & Nokia 6610i (RM200)
2007: Nokia 5070 (RM300)
2008: Nokia 1110i (RM20)
2009: MyIman (RM350)
2010: Nokia 2220 (RM220)
2011: Nokia C1-01 (RM199)
2012: ?????

The question comes around: “When the post regarding my memories in CFS IIUM will be posted?”. I can’t answer it except saying “when the time comes..sooner or later, insyaAllah, it will be posted. Don’t worry”


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