Saturday, June 13, 2009

PPSMI: A view of a school student

I am a student who is going to sit for SPM this year. I am aware that people are now always talking about PPSMI policy which has been implemented since 2003, whether it should be continued or vice versa. As a student who has experienced the effect of the policy’s implementation, I feel obliged to share my view point on this matter.

I have studied these two subjects in English since I was in Form One and I really felt it was just a burden for me. Honestly, I totally disagree with the implementation of PPSMI policy. This is because it has made our National Language, Bahasa Melayu, become less important. As Malaysians we should make the language as our priority because it is a part of our national identity. We should follow the Japanese who take great pride in their language and yet are still able to acquire the scientific and technological knowledge.

I do not deny that English is important especially at the tertiary level of education. However, it looked unfair to some students especially those in the rural areas who are poor learners. They are not only weak in English but also in other subjects. Some of them do not even show the slightest interest towards learning. How can we expect them to learn difficult subjects like Science and Mathematics in English when they cannot even grasp the knowledge taught in their own language?

Despite my disagreement, I do not think the government should discontinue the implementation at once because it would disrupt the learning process of the students who have got used to it. To avoid confusion, I suggest that the policy be changed in 2010 for Standard One pupils whereas those who were exposed to PPSMI are to continue studying in English until they sit for SPM.

Anyway, I am just hoping that the government will take the best action for the sake of the people and the country. I acknowledge that there are pro and contras for any action that takes effect. The power is in the government’s hand to decide the best for the sake of all parties.

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