Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yeah...It's now over!! Huhu..

Hah…long time no post..hehe….its all about the ceremony organized on last Monday. Praise be to Allah, it is satisfying. Yeah…it is the first time ever a big ceremony like that organized by students of SMKAA. It is no strange for problems to occur during it as my friends and I have no experience in organizing any ceremony all this while.

Back to the topic. I am supposed to continue my driving lesson starting yesterday until tomorrow. However, it should be postponed as both my hand are sick. Why? Hahh..I was giving all out of energy during the day of the ceremony. Starting morning till evening. So tired maa….I slept at 9pm!

As usual, there are two types of response - positive and negative. Thus, I have to be brave to accept both, as I am the chairman of the committee. That’s what I need to face as I was the one who decided a lot on my own without agreement of other committee members in meeting.

Last but not least, please do pray for me so that I would always be brave to continue my life in this world with strength from Allah….please do pray too so that I will recover soon so that I can continue my driving lesson….thanks a zillion for reading….may Allah bless us always….God willing....

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