Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Meaningful & Memorable Friendship

My heart was beating very fast when I was told by Aiman, my best friend that he knew about my trial examination result.

“How could you know about it?”, I asked him.

“Hmm..I went to the teachers’ room just now and saw our trial examination papers there”, Aiman said.

“How dare you did it?”, I replied.

“What are you talking about?” he asked me confusedly.

“I meant how you could take advantage of looking at the paper”, I answered him.

“Was what I do wrong?”, he asked me again.

“Yes...yes. Of course what you did is wrong”, I answered him. He left me alone in the class after being displeased with my words.

“Am I wrong? I was not supposed to say like that to him? Hmm...  He is quite sensitive. What should I do now? I have hurt him”, I was talking to myself. I

then turned into frustrating weather. the same time I realized I should apologize to him for annoying him. Then, I left my class and went home. It was four o’clock in the evening. I was heading towards the bus station. The sun was beating mercilessly and I could feel my sweat trickling down my spin. I have often wished that my mother would allow me to ride a motorcycle to school. She says that I am not ready but we both know that she is terrified that a car would knock me down. When I reached the bus station, it was nearly empty except for a man.

“Who’s that? He seems familiar to me”, I asked myself. Oh! That was Aiman, who sitting alone there. I forced myself to go and see him even though I felt extremely guilty towards him. He looked regrettable.

“Aiman, I am so sorry for hurting your feelings just now. I had no intention to hurt you. I swear!”, I told him.

“Hmmm... it’s ok. Never mind. I did so because of your desire to know your result, right? When I saw the result on a table in the teachers’ room, I instinctively went to see the paper avidly to know your result and decided to let you know about it, that’s all. However you finally scolded me. I regretted for making you angry”, Aiman explained the truth in details.

“Aiman, you should not regret it. I realize I am the one who is wrongdoing and it is not your fault at all. I did not get mad with you. Please forgive me, Aiman. You are my best friend, tomorrow and forever”, I replied.

“You need not to seek for my forgiveness. For me, there is no one in this world that has done any wrong to me, so there is no one in this world that has to apologize to me,” he then answered me. Huh.. that was the way of his thinking. I then just kept mum.

The next day, the teacher passed our result for the trial examination that we sat last two weeks. I was terrifically over the moon as Aiman and I managed to achieve straight A’s. I was thankful to God for His blessing. I hugged him as being overjoyed of it.

“Err...what’s wrong, my buddy?”, Aiman asked me.

“I am grateful to you for helping me a lot in my studies. That’s why I did so just now”, I answered him.

Did Aiman help me a lot in my studies? Yes, he did. When I was getting out of spirit towards studying, he was the one who advised me on the necessity of studying where the knowledge obtained will be used throughout our lives. Besides that, he also explained to me in details on several topics that I had problem in understanding them. He was just like my personal teacher but he did not ever ask for any form of payment.

“Why are you so kind, Aiman?”, I asked him and the latter riposted,

“Hmm...Each human being will surely die and will be judged in God’s court at the hereafter for each of their deeds throughout their lives in this world”. Wow! His answer was definitely enchanting me.

“Congratulations! Both of you are our best students for this trial examination. Keep on your effort and may both of you pass with flying colours in the coming SPM”, Madam Asliza, my class teacher said to Aiman and me.

“Aiman, thanks a lot for helping me all this while. Because of you, I can also pass with flying colours for this examination. You are my best friend ever! May God bless you”, I thanked Aiman.

“Hey! You are not supposed to thank me, my friend. It is the outcome of your effort. You have succeeded not because of me, but yourself. I just take my responsibility as a friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed,” Aiman said.

“For the time being you need not to think negatively and do trust yourself as SPM is just around the corner. Do pray to God for our well-being”, he added. His advice had turned me to be determined for doing my best in the coming exam.

“Oh.. ok, boss. Roger!”, I then responded.

“Hey! I am not your boss”, he then replied. We both then were laughing as he said like that.

That night, I got a message telling me that Aiman was admitted to hospital as he had fainted in front of his house. I immediately rushed to the hospital to see him. As I was there, I was extremely shocked when I was told that he died just now. What?! Aiman has died? It was unbelievable. However; I had to receive the fate that my best friend was no longer in this world. He is my best friend. Our memory together will stay in my mind forever.


lily92_ said...

A friend is like a flower,
A rose to be exact,
Or maybe like a brand new gate
that never comes unlatched...
A friend is like an owl,
that both beautiful and wise...
Where would we be in this world
if we didn't have a friend.....
So....appreciate your friend
that makes your life colourful...

admin said...

Thanks a lot for the meaningful words =)
So brilliant...