Saturday, October 3, 2009

PMR is just around the corner

May peace be upon u. seems that PMR exam is just around the corner where it will take place starting from October 7 until October 13, 2009. I sure all PMR candidates are getting nervous to be sitting for it.It is normal for human being to feel like that.

Whatever it is, do trust yourself that u can answer it well as u have tried your best. All of u must be already so well-prepared for it, right? Hehe...However, please remember not be over-confident because it may affect your perfomance during answering the exam.

Anyway I do pray for all of u so that u will pass with flying colours. Wishing u all the best and good luck for the coming PMR next week.Do pray to God always.

Do your best! Do your very best! Hehe....

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