Thursday, February 3, 2011

How's my life right now?

Ahaaa… This question may be in the mind of my friends who have not met me for so long time. Yeah… so frequent question to be asked – Where do you studying now? What program do you take? How’s your study? Anyway, I don’t mind to answer them for so many times to different people. If the same person asks me, I may be angry. Haha.. He/she has forgotten.

All praises be to ALLAH ‘Azza Wa Jalla..So far I can say my life is currently great and ok. However, it is something common to us as human being to face tests and problems. It is actually a problem if someone says that he/she never has problem for the reason that everything goes smooth as expected. Am I right?

Ok la.. Back to my topic post. Insha’Allah I will be sitting for end of semester examination beginning next week. It is unbelievable that semester 2 has come to the end! Honestly, I feel terrifically nervous and worried to sit for it. Yeah.. As usual, people expect me to have a good result. Certainly, some of them anticipate that I will manage to score four flat for my CGPA. Argghhh…  it is something to high to be hoped for – I guess. I agree that I am able to achieve like that but it is not the matter to be too focused as we have to set our mind that we study is merely for ALLAH ‘Azza Wa Jalla. It is not for exams or something else.

Huhhhhh.. I extremely hope that all of you do pray for me so that I can perform my best and pass with flying colours. Besides, do pray for me so that I will be exit from English Proficiency Course after this. I really appreciate your prayer – may ALLAH reward you with better one, Amen. That’s all. Thanks for reading!

p/s: Just writing in English for EPT practice. haha..

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