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Centre For Foundation Studies, IIUM…

clip_image002Hah! Apakah yang aku nak coretkan dalam post kali ni? Nampaknya, sudah hampir setahun aku menuntut di CFS IIUM ini. MasyaALLAH! Cepat sungguh masa berlalu.

Ingin di sini aku coretkan sedikit apa-apa yang patut dikongsikan bersama sahabat-sahabat yang tidak bersama di sini terutama junior yang mungkin ada yang bakal turut menyertai ‘The Gateway of Garden of Knowledge and Virtue’ ini. Lagipun memang ada permintaan daripada sahabat-sahabat juga meminta daku menulis tentang ini.

Aku akan bercerita tentang pengalaman belajar di sini dalam post yang lain nanti. Itupun selepas tamat semester 3 ini, bermakna tamat 1 tahun pengajian. hehe… Aku nak bercerita ni dalam Bahasa Ingeeris. Tak mengapa kan?

First of all , Bi’ah Solehah is practiced here. What is Bi’ah solehah? Its literal menaing is good environment. Some aspects regarding this:

  1. Practicing the true Islamic lessons
  2. Always give salam, smile and husnus zon
  3. Solat is the pole of Islam religion
  4. Be aware and preservation of Aurat and Ikhtilah between male and females
  5. Practicing Acquiring Knowledge culture

For the new enrolled students, they will required to sit for three tests during Ta’aruf week that are English Placement Test, Arabic Placement Test & Tilawah Entrance Test.

English Placement Test(EPT):

  1. Consists of two parts – Reading Comprehension and Writing Essay
  2. Reading – About 40 questions from about 4 passages.
  3. Writing – 2 question need to be answered.
  4. First, Analyzing and describing a given graph/information in about 150 words.
  5. Second, Argumentative essay. A statement will be given. Students should be agreeing , disagreeing or discussing in about 250 words.
  6. Both of the parts will be evaluated in ‘band’ from 1 to 9.
  7. The results will place students in their corresponding level ; usually 3, 4, 5 or 6. There are also students did well are exempted from taking English Proficiency Course here.
  8. Level 4 and 5 – 16 contact hours per week while level 5 and 6 – 9 contact hours per week.
  9. There will be the same test in the end of semester. However, there will be also speaking test before the final examinations.
  10. Students should manage to obtain minimum band 5.5 for reading, speaking and writing but minimum overall obtained is band 6 to be exit from English Proficiency Course.
  11. Students should be exit from English Proficiency Course to make them qualified to enter the main campus in Gombak or Kuantan.



Arabic Placement Test(APT):

  1. Consists of six parts. Arabic basic, Arabic Grammar, Correcting wrong Grammar, Reading Comprehension Filling in the blanks of a passage and Writing an essay
  2. The total marks for this test 100.
  3. Students with no Arabic basic will have to take two subjects of Arabic Course which are ‘Intermediate Quranic Language Part 1’ and ‘Intermediate Quranic Language Part 2’
  4. Students with Arabic basic will be also be placed according to their scores, whether Part, Part 2 or exempted from Arabic Proficiency Course.
  5. Students should be pass for both Arabic Courses(for those who are taking) to make them qualified to enter the main campus in Gombak or Kuantan.


Both tests will determine the length of studies of students in CFS IIUM whether one year, one and half year or two years.

Tilawah Entrance Test(TEnT):

  1. Students will recite Quranic verses chosen by the Tilawah instructor.
  2. Students will be categorized into the respective level based on their recitation performance.
  3. Memorization of simple surahs will be offered to the students who are able to recite fluently with the correct applictation of Tajwid rules.
  4. The total marks for this test is 100. It consists of 40 marks for Fluency(Fasohah), 20 marks for Nasalization(Ghunnat), 20 marks for Prolonging the madd and 20 marks for Memorization.
  5. After the test, the results will be shown as follows:
    TEnT Results Next level/Subject to be taken
    EXEMPTED Study Circle 1
    TQ2000 Fardhu ‘Ain
    TPT TEST Tilawah 1  and Tilawah 2

Learning and Assessment

  1. Lecture in class.
  2. Doing the tutorial questions given by lecturer for particular topic.
  3. Students need to take Quizzes and Tutorial Tests.
  4. Doing assignment/presentation for subjects like Computer 1 and 2, Religions In Malaysia, Understanding Islam and Basic Themes of Al Quran.
  5. Memorization of Quranic Verses for Basic Themes of Al Quran
  6. Laboratory experiments for Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects.
  7. Projects for Architecture program students
  8. Students will have to sit for Mid-semester examinations at the middle of the semester and Final Examinations at the end of the semester.
  9. All subjects will have a ‘carry marks’ from quizzes, tutorial tests, assignments, memorization, projects and mid-semester exams that will be calculated together with final examinations for total marks that a student gets for that particular subject.
  10. Students should attend 80% of the classes. Failing to do so, they will be barred from taking the final examinations.

Academic Workload

  1. For regular semester, a student must not register for a workload more than 30 contact hours(without language course) and 40 contact hours(with language course). Graduating students are exceptional.
  2. For short semester, a student can register for a maximum two non-language courses, graduating students are exceptional. The maximum contact hours for the short semester is 32.
  3. All students are categorized in respective study plan based on their English and Arabic placement test results.

What subjects to be taken during studies in CFS?

1. Physical Students ( Engineering and Physical Science Program):

    Program Requirement Course Title
    Core Courses Mathematics 1
    Mathematics 2
    Mathematics 3
    Physics 1
    Physics 2
    Chemistry 1
    Chemistry 2
    Computer 2
    English Language English Language Level 3
    English Language Level 4
    English Language Level 5
    English Language Level 6
    Arabic Language Intermediate Quranic Language Part 1
    Intermediate Quranic Language Part 2
    Computer Computer 1
    Two Islamic Fundamental Islamic Courses Understanding Islam(non-religious background school based) or Religions In Malaysia(religious background school based)
    And Basic themes of Al Quran

2. Biological Students ( Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Allied Health Science and Biological Science program):

    Program Requirement Course Title
    Core Courses Mathematics 1
    Mathematics 2
    Physics 1
    Physics 2
    Chemistry 1
    Chemistry 2
    Biology 1
    Biology 2
    English Language English Language Level 3
    English Language Level 4
    English Language Level 5
    English Language Level 6
    Arabic Language Intermediate Quranic Language Part 1
    Intermediate Quranic Language Part 2
    Computer Computer 1
    Two Islamic Fundamental Islamic Courses Understanding Islam(non-religious background school based) or Religions In Malaysia(religious background school based)
    And Basic themes of Al Quran

    *Both of English and Arabic Language are subjected to English and Arabic Placement Test.

    Sorry, I merely tell these two program. I am not going to tell all subjects for all programs. Hahaha..

    Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA) Requirement of graduation from CFS IIUM


    Minimum CGPA achieved

    Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy


    Physical Science, Biological Science and Allied Health Science, Economics, Laws




    Arabic, English, Human Science, IRK


    Nursing, ICT and Architecture


    Similar program for students NOT fulfilling Minimum Requirement


    Alternative program

    Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy

    Allied Health Science, Nursing and Biological Science

    Allied Health Science & Biological Science


    Physical Science

    Engineering and ICT

    Economics and Engineering


    BAR, BEN, IRK, Human Science, Laws, AED, ICT, Nursing


    Academic Dismissal

    1. A student shall be dismissed from the University if
      1. he obtains a CGPA of less than 1.67; or
      2. he fails to earn a CGPA of 2.00 or above while on probation; or
      3. he fails (with grade F) three or more core courses and obtains CGPA between 1.67 and 2.00; or
      4. he obtains a CGPA between 1.67 and 2.00 for the third time which is non-consecutive during his period of studies.
    2. Application For Readmission
      1. First year student – a student who obtained CGPA less than 1.00 shall not be considered for readmission while student with no disciplinary problem who obtained CGPA between 1.00 and 1.67 may be considered for readmission on a clean state. The readmission shall be allowed only once.
      2. Other level students – A student is not eligible for readmission except due to medical or valid emergency reasons. A student shall be readmitted into the semester where the CGPA is of good standing.

    Grading system

    Percentage score Letter Grade Quality Point Equivalent


































    A student who fails to obtain a minimum “C” grade is required to repeat the subject/course

    Co-curricular Program

    1. Students will join at least a society based on their program. Example: Engineering students will join ENGENIUS Society, Physical Science and Biological Science will join Pre-Science Students Society(PRESSS).
    2. The other societies/clubs are opened to students who are interested to join in.
    3. All Students are required to attend two courses – LeadTrain course and Biro Tata Negara(BTN).

    Other information about CFS IIUM

    1. Students are merely allowed to go out for outing during weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The time for outing from 9.00 am until 10.00 pm. There is special outing on Tuesday for Petaling Jaya campus for night market.
    2. Students are required to get permissions from their respective fellow for overnight outing.
    3. There are Cyber cafĂ©, photocopy Centre, Cafeteria and launderettes in the campus.  
    4. Dean’s list is a recognition of academic excellence of students who managed to get GPA 3.50 or above and credit hours are 11 or above for that particular semester.

    Annual Major Programs in CFS IIUM

    1. Ta’aruf program
    2. Nomination and selection of Foundation Students Coordination Council(FSCC).
    3. Management Course for Student Leaders(McLEAD)
    4. Raudhah Festival(RAFEST)
    5. Sports and Martial Arts Carnival (SMAC)
    6. Baktisiswa

    You may ask me regarding anything else not mentioned here ok. I will add the information in this post later. Here, I just explain what is in my mind. Huhuhu..

    That is end of my story about CFS IIUM. To all students who will join this Centre or get interested to join, I wish all of you welcome to:



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