Saturday, January 8, 2011

My mid semester exams result?

My friends whether they are CFS IIUM students or others keep asking me about my results for mid-semester exams recently I have sit. All praises be to ALLAH ‘Azza Wa Jalla as I manage to achieve a good result – from my perspective; some of them said it is extremely good compared to them. However, the most important one to know that it is all from ALLAH. My result is actually not illustrating that I’m a good student – brilliant and so on. I obviously realize that my efforts are merely a little.

Do you want to know my result? Hahaha.. I think I have no intention to reveal it here as I feel it is not important to let you know. Hehe.. If you really want to know it, you may ask me personally ok. Hohoho..

Then, the second matter I would to emphasize in this post is about questions having been frequently asked to me – “how do you study? You’re brilliant. .  So please do tell your secret of success”. Sorry to say. . I would to emphasize that I’m not really good as you think ok. You may be in fact better than me.  All of us know that qualities are essential than quantities. Do you understand what am I talking about? It is no meant if we study a lot but we fail to get good results in exams, right?

The one that we desire is the outcome – that is the result. So the most important is the quality of our studies – that affect the outcome. When we talk about the quality, it means that way of our studies. We can see a lot of ways that students use in studying but the difference has made the different result. That’s why we always hear people saying that we have to study smart instead of studying hard. Hard and smart actually refers to quantity and quality.

I think that’s all for this opportunity. Thanks for reading my writing. I hope all of you pray for me so that I will keep doing my best for my studies and succeed to achieve my desires. Have a nice day! ! ! =)

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