Sunday, January 2, 2011

Suka duka Kehidupan. . .

Hahhh. . . it's now English section ! hehe. . I have written a title in English and its content in Malay so now it's vise versa.  But. . . what am I going to say about the title mentioned above? Wait. . wait. . wait. Please be patient ok as patience is a part of faith.

Insya-ALLAH tonight I will return to CFS IIUM, Petaling Jaya after about a week having mid semester break in my hometown, Perlis. So far I think I have merely been here for two or there days but it is essentially a week ! ! The break is supposed to be longer as I have not enjoyed yet - maybe 2 or 3 weeks same as inter semester vacation. hahaha. .

Well . .as usual. When we are having a quite long holiday, we will feel bored and want to return to school or university for studying then it is just the same when we are studying quite long period in school or university, we will surely feel bored moderately and desire a long vacation. Am I right ? huhuhu.  . .

We cannot escape from facing a lot of matters in our lives whether it is something enjoyable or disturbing one. In fact, we have to realize that all matters happened in our lives is a test from ALLAH 'Azza WA Jalla. No matter it is something from positive or negative side.

What we need to do is being patient when are tested with problems and accept them with an open mind. When we are tested with graces, we must be thankful and realize we are truly poor to Him.

ALLAH says:
"O people, you are the poor (needs) of God, and He is the Rich, the Praised" - Surah Fatir, verse 15.

I think that's all for this opportunity. I have another things to be done. Hopefully we are always in His Bless, God willing. Have a nice day guys ! ! =)

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